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Just think of three the most significant things what an ideal product should be like? First of all, it should do what it is intended for and it should do it at its best. So functionality would be the first. Secondly, the product design should be creative, it should look outstanding and even the smallest details should not be unnoticed. So perfection is always important. And finally, an ideal product should appease customers when they look at it or when they use it. It should be easy available to everyone so any potential customer could have a taste of it. That means that the customer satisfaction is the third thing an ideal product should bring. We have managed to combine those three things by building our team. Basically there are three of us and we expand each other, we learn from each other and improve ourselves every day. Only by bringing our skills together we were able to create this project as good as it is.


Kristoph (28)

Co-founder of C&C BOTTLE CUTTER

“When we started this project there were lots of people who said: “Why would someone need a bottle cutter?’’ or “You won’t make it! Don’t waste your time.’’ And whether you want it or not, you catch yourself thinking, maybe they are right, maybe this isn’t good enough to come true. But how can you find it out, if you give up without even trying? To achieve something, first of all, you have to believe in it. Everything is possible. Just keep believing in it!’’


Tom (27)

Co-founder of C&C BOTTLE CUTTER

“When you have created something really decent, you believe that there is no way to make it better than that, but after a while you notice “Wow! It could actually be way better like this!” That’s exactly why there is a new Iphone every year. You can always find improvements so keep looking for them.”


Krista (22)

Photographer, Social media expert

“Communication is the best road to success. I mean, not only the verbal or written communication. You can say a lot through pictures and videos. Often it’s even better to use more pictures instead of those long written descriptions that people get annoyed by reading them. It is very important to try presenting yourself in a way that is not making people bored. Think about it before you express yourself.’’

Special thanks to our Kickstarter backers who supported us and made this become real!
You are a part of our team. Thank you for that!

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