How C&C is made?

C&C is made from durable laser cut plywood. Precision of laser cutting guarantees the strength to all connections of plywood parts. After laser cutting, parts get hand sanded or stained. Then assembled together with a custom made cutter and screws.

What size of bottles can I cut?

Comparing with other bottle cutters, that can cut only standard diameter bottles, with C&C you can cut starting from very small diameter bottle necks up until  3L jars.

Can I cut triangular or squaire bottles with C&C?

No. You have to rotate the bottle when making the score line so you can only
cut circle bottles and jars. Square and triangular bottles can be perfect for sitting
on the C&C when it is not in use.

What can cause a bottle cutting failure?

  • adding too much or not enough pressure on the bottle while scoring it;
  • trying to split a bottle that has dashed score line;
  • being unpatient and trying to split a bottle with force (sometimes, depending on glass thickness, thermal shock process may take more time);
  • incorrectly adjusted cutter blade;

What is strap for?

Strap will help to fix the bottle. In this case you only need to rotate the bottle and strap will tighten it to the blade. This will help beginners to make a better scoring line, however, this method does not work on all scoring positions (only standardones).

What are rubber bands  for?

Rubber bands protects bottle from cracking while you are doing thermal shock process.

Is the glass edge safe after splitting?

After splitting the bottle there is a sharp edge on both halves. Finish the sharp glass edge by using sandpaper. There are three different grit size(60,120,180) sandpapers included in the kit and a sandpaper kit( 60, 60, 120, 180, 240, 400)  available in our online store. In avarage it takes 2 min intense sanding for safe edge and about 4 min for really smooth edge.

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